Trudy R. Ganendra
(Ground Data Solutions R&D Sdn Bhd)


Profile :

Trudy R Ganendra is one of the pioneering developers of Airborne LiDAR Survey Projects in Malaysia and she is the Managing Director of Ground Data Solutions R&D Sdn Bhd (GDS), a Malaysian-owned high-tech LiDAR survey and mapping service provider which has been providing accurate and cost efficient maps and mapping products to a broad range of clients in Malaysia and South East Asia since 1991. To date, she has successfully executed more than 100 projects both local and overseas. She is responsible for the daily operations in both business and operational capacities. Her business responsibilities encompass corporate policies, financial analysis and strategic relations while the operational aspects involve bidding, planning and execution as well as reporting and client liaison.

She is also a Director of LiDAR Services International Inc, a Canadian based airborne LiDAR survey company that has been in the airborne LiDAR business since 2002, which has completed LiDAR projects throughout Canada and the USA including projects in South America, Central America, Africa, and in Asia.

Trudy Ranjini Ganendra graduated from University of Cambridge in 1997 with a Masters of Engineering and In 1999, she obtained a Masters of Science from Imperial College in Environmental Engineering.