MCBC Website Banner and Social Media Affiliate Marketing

Advertising Method
Advertiser image will appear in multiple sections of the MCBC website. Advertiser will have a weekly
mention of their affiliation with MCBC and any current offerings appearing in MCBC’s social media
platform (Facebook).

Advertising Benefits
● Channel for business promotion and marketing
● Exclusive access to MCBC members, regional business leaders, and members of expatriate
● Perfect platform for advertiser to be known among MCBC Facebook followers as a supporter to the
● Cost-effective advertising

Advertisement Duration Rates
Member Rates Non-member Rates
1 month RM 500 RM 750
3 months RM 1,350 RM 2,025
6 months RM 2,550 RM 3,825
12 months RM 4,800 RM 7,000

● Prices are quoted in Malaysian Ringgit, inclusive of prevailing government taxes
● Advertisements must be submitted in high resolution JPEG or AI
● Link to landing page must be provided if advertisement is to lead to a landing page