Bubbles O2 Sdn Bhd  

7-51-03, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8A
Bangi Sentral
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi

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Web     : www.bubbleso2.com


Corporate Profile :

Bubbles O2 Sdn Bhd (BOSB) is the producer of BubblesO2, Malaysia’s Only Naturally Oxygenated Mineral Water. BubblesO2 emerges from the surface from the underground within tail end of Peninsular Malaysia, passing through years of weathered rocks. The aquifer is highly rich in dissolved oxygen which exceeds the saturation level. This uniqueness makes BubblesO2 is the Only Naturally Oxygenated Mineral Water ever discovered in Malaysia. BubblesO2 is the only mineral water which has the unique characteristics; Naturally Oxygenated and Good Mineral Contents, which makes it as a premium product. With the tag line of Premium Water but affordable, Malaysia’s Only Naturally Oxygenated Mineral Water, BOSB constantly strives to share the uniqueness and inherent benefits of BubblesO2 to the domestic market through its retail and corporate partners as well as expanding our reach to the market overseas. BOSB vision is ‘To Globally Spearhead the Naturally Oxygenated Water Business’ and our mission is ‘To Share the Inherent Benefits of Naturally Oxygenated Mineral Water with the World’. Our values is ‘To Respects the Natural Cycle of Water’ & as a team; to Sustainably Manage Water resources & never take more than the nature provides.